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Pantograph Press

Paradise Is Persian For Park
Ivan Argüelles
ISBN 1-880766-11-6   
Ivan Argüelles, recipient of the Poetry Society’s William Carlos Williams
Award, is well-known for his innovative, lyrical poetry. ENIGMA AND VARIATIONS 
continues a long, ground-breaking epic poem, earlier selections of which have 
appeared from Pantograph as “THAT” GODDESS and HAPAX LEGOMENON. In this new work 
Argüelles leads us on a challenging, always magical journey. Experimental poet 
Jake Berry has written, “Ivan Argüelles is the living embodiment of the epic 
strain. He gives us genuinely singing lines, a music worthy of Homer.”
edited by Marilla Argüelles
ISBN 1-880766-10-8  
A compilation of profoundly moving poetry, drawings and essays by inmates of the 
infamous Pelican Bay Prison in Northern California. June Jordan calls this hymn 
to the human spirit “a stunning testimony of so many men we have dared to bury 
away – in prison. Their own writings indict our heedless, small-minded, sadistic 
and ultimately self-destructive intention to devise and enforce a living death.” 
EXTRACTS FROM PELICAN BAY has already become an important handbook in the battle 
for prison reform.

Neeli Cherkovski
ISBN 1-880766-13-2   
The poet’s seventh poetry book. Known for his biographies of Charles Bukowski and 
Lawrence Ferlinghetti and for WHITMAN’S WILD CHILDREN, a collection of essays and 
reminiscences of the major Beat writers, Cherkovski is first of all a superb poet. 
CUPS magazine calls him “California’s first son of poetry” and Luis Rodriguez writes 
of his “textured and layered” language. ANIMAL ranges from the controversial “Queer 
Careers” to the eloquently musical “Job, Suffering.” This book is a history of American 
consciousness from the Vietnam War to the present.

Jack Foley
ISBN 1-880766-12-4   
Jack Foley’s previous Pantograph book, ADRIFT, was nominated for a Bay Area Book 
Reviewers’ Award. His new collection, EXILES,is his most stunning book to date. 
It includes a major poem written while in residence at the Djerassi Foundation, 
several visual poems, short, moving elegies and extended works that probe deeply 
into our language and the ambiguities of human imagination and intellect. Michael 
McClure calls Foley “our firebrand experimentalist” and poet/critic Dana Gioia 
describes Foley’s work as “that rare commodity – genuinely avant-garde poetry…
experimental poetry with depth and intelligence as well as intensity.” This is a 
book which takes us on a complex, always astounding journey through the myriad 
possibilities of poetry.

Jake Berry
ISBN 1-880766-09-4    
As in BRAMBU DREZI, Jake Berry’s SPECIES OF ABANDONED LIGHT takes us into the heat 
of creation where the boundaries of the self are forcibly melted away, setting us 
free in a world of occult powerful forces. The con-straining walls of syntax and 
its petty reason are magnificently dissolved. This is the sea of the pre-Freudian 
undifferentiated libido where huge battles are fought, where metamorphosis rules 
as gods become people and people turn into molecular chains, all a-swirl in a dizzying 
energy flux. Berry the preeminent experimentalist of his generation, operates language 
at its most primeval and disturbing level.    – Harry Polkinhorn

Available from Small Press Distribution
1814 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702